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Selling Your Property With Dugo Realty

So you’ve decided to sell your Catskills or Hudson Valley property… You’ve found yourself in the right place! In this highly competitive market, you need more than ever to have the right team in your corner. We’re not here to blow smoke and give you unrealistic expectations or imaginary prices. We’re here to give dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced advice and here to help you start to finish to accomplish your goals.

Choosing the right real estate team to sell your property is one of the most important decisions you can make. It can mean the difference between your home sitting on the market for months or selling in the first weekend, for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Your home is an extremely personal, important, and valuable asset, and it can be an emotional and complicated endeavor to sell it, especially in today’s cutthroat market. Numerous questions and concerns will need to be addressed, and the advice and consultation that you receive can make a tremendous difference in the results. Marketing and advertising, remodeling and/or upgrading, photography, internet exposure, staging, design, floor-plan measurements, videography, timing and presentation, inspections, pre-market exposure, agent outreach and relationships, open houses, pricing, and dozens more nuances and subtleties all make up the difference between failure and a successful sale.

We do not just take a few pictures, toss a sign out front and plug your home into a “system” and hope for the best, like the many behemoth brokerages… We take a personal and specific approach to each home – that’s what makes the difference. We consult and advise our clients from start to finish to determine the best mechanisms and strategies to sell the home, and at the highest price. Appearance matters, and we are experts in creating and managing the presentation of your home, understanding that success rests in the details, and that nothing is more important than hard work, ambition, and extreme dedication.

Why Sell?

Why do you want to sell your property? Do you intend to simply find a larger property, or do you plan on moving to another neighborhood, school district, city or state? You might think your reasons are obvious, but it would do well to consider the implications of each option for your lifestyle, opportunities, and finances. Being clear about your intentions for selling will make it easier for us to determine the most appropriate option for your specified financial, lifestyle, and real estate goals.

When Should I Sell?

You should immediately establish your time frame for selling. If you need to sell quickly, we can speed up the process by giving you a complete market analysis and action plan to obtain all of your goals. If there is no pressing need to sell immediately, you can sit down with one of our expert real estate agents to thoroughly review the current market conditions and find the most favorable time to sell.

What Is The Market Like?

When you work with us, you can be sure that you will have our knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills at work for you to arrive at the best market prices and terms. We will keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and conditions of competing properties. With us, you will know exactly how to price and when to sell your property.

How Do I Optimize My Finances?

Deciding to sell your property demands a serious consideration of your current financial situation and future possibilities. With the help of our qualified agents, you will be able to effectively assess the cumulative impact of these changes, estimate potential proceeds of selling your property, and plan effective tax savings and estate planning strategies. We will ensure that you not only take control of your finances, but use them to their fullest potential.

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